keshia microblading artist


KCole Academy + Studio

Keshia has been performing microblading & permanent makeup for several years and has performed over 10,000+ procedures. She is world renown & has impacted the microblading industry in a profound way.

Her dedication to microblading, high standards & advanced skill set has set the standard in the industry & has led many to train under her.

Anna Martinez

Master Assistant

We would like to introduce you to Anna Martinez. She’s a makeup lover, future esthetician, go getter and an amazing human! I promise you will love her just as much as we do. Amongst many other things, Anna helps with training classes.

Michelle Solano


Michelle Solano is one of our educators. She’s been in the beauty industry for a long Long time. She has a lot of valuable knowledge stored in her head and loves to give it all away so our students can be as successful as they want to be. Use her to your advantage when training with us. She’s an Esthetician, Master Lash Artist, a Microblading Artist, and a phenomenal mommy.

Eve Padillo

Asistente Administrativa

¡Eve es una adicta al maquillaje! ¡Creemos que probablemente tenga más maquillaje que Ulta! ¡Siempre le ha encantado el maquillaje y la belleza desde que era una niña y, para colmo, llegó al Medio Oeste por la ciudad de Nueva York! Este querido ser humano responde todas nuestras llamadas en español, programa citas y, entre muchas otras cosas, le ayuda con sus preguntas.

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Building Your Microblading Career

Get Emailed a guide to

Building Your Microblading Career